Magento Commerce Cloud integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud

By Chris Dawson October 9, 2018 - 11:00 am

At MagentoLive Europe today, Adobe unveiled its vision and strategy to make every experience shoppable. Adobe is delivering on this vision by integrating Magento Commerce Cloud into Adobe Experience Cloud to enable enterprise companies to create highly engaging, personalized shopping experiences.

With rising customer expectations and increased competition, it’s no longer enough to offer great products and services at an attractive price. Companies now compete on the quality of the customer experience they offer over a lifetime of engagement, across every touch point, digital and offline. Adobe’s vision for experience-driven commerce is to empower companies to unify end-to-end customer experiences from creation to ownership, driving loyalty and business growth.

“Consumers expect every interaction with a brand to be contextual, intuitive and meaningful, but companies struggle to consistently deliver personalized experiences across the myriad of touchpoints, data and content. The innovations we are bringing to market enable companies of all sizes and industries to drive stronger customer engagement and make every experience shoppable.”
– Mark Lavelle, senior vice president of commerce, Adobe and former CEO of Magento

Adobe Experience Cloud Enterprise Capabilities

First integrations between Adobe’s industry-leading content management, personalization and analytics solutions in Adobe Experience Cloud and Magento Commerce Cloud empower enterprise companies to:

  • Create highly engaging shopping experiences

    The integration with Adobe Experience Manager lets enterprise brands create and manage powerful shopping experiences across every touch point throughout the customer journey.

  • Personalize every experience

    Integration with Adobe Target powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine learning framework, companies can now optimize and deliver contextually relevant shopping experiences, driving customer loyalty and letting businesses compete more effectively.

  • Anticipate customer needs

    Predictive analytics in Adobe Analytics, powered by Adobe Sensei, help companies proactively monitor and analyze customer data to find patterns and predict future customer behaviors to detect potential challenges and better convert opportunities.

  • Unify customer data

    Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 360 brings together customer data by using a common data model based on the recently announced Open Data Initiative. The integration will be available in 2019.

“The integration of Magento Commerce Cloud into Adobe Experience Cloud is a game-changer for brands looking to differentiate themselves through highly personalized, customer-centric experiences. The combined power of Magento and Adobe allows businesses to leverage deep insights and real-time context to deliver timely, relevant, engaging and shoppable experiences across the entire customer journey in a way that few other solutions can match.”
– Jordan Jewell, senior research analyst at IDC

Adobe are not ignoring SMEs and also unveiled a major update of the Magento platform to empower small-and-mid-market merchants to extend the lead in commerce innovation and agility.

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