The FedEx small business grant contest is open again in the UK

By Dan Wilson October 31, 2018 - 3:43 pm

Shipping firm and courier FedEx is holding a competition for European small businesses with a grand prize of £20,000 up for grabs and and other rewards too. There is a runners up prize of £10,000 available. It’s the third year of the FedEx Small Business Grant contest and businesses in five markets can enter: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK.

To get involved you’ll need to make a submission that can include photos and video content explaining what inspired you to start your business and explain your ideas and philosophy. The top 10 finalists will be announced and invited for a second submission on 7th December. The winners will be revealed on 24th January 2019. Entries are open now and will close on the 28th November.

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of the economy and in order to help fast-track their growth, more often than not a ‘boost’ is required in terms of funding. Gaining access to funding is no simple task and for SMEs it can be increasingly challenging. The SME market has dynamic companies which have huge potential for growth and development, and at FedEx we want to help them evolve, to have access to more possibilities, to become more competitive and to better support their international endeavors. The Small Business Grant provides an opportunity for small businesses to secure that boost to their funding and focus on their growth.
– Martin Davidian, Managing Director Sales Enterprise National, FedEx Express and TNT

To find out more, examine the terms and conditions and get guidance on the grant competition from Fedex, visit this page for full details.

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