eBay ups the ante on eBay Managed Payments

By Dan Wilson October 12, 2018 - 2:30 pm

eBay has published a story on its corporate blog that talks up the desirability of opting into the new eBay managed payments system powered by Adyen. As we’ve written frequently of late, eBay is testing the managed payments scheme with a cohort of opt-in sellers in the USA.

The latest material available comes in the form of an interview with an eBay merchant who has opted into the eBay managed payments trial called Danny Hone. Danny, with his wife Cindy, sell custom-designed t-shirts through their eBay store, HoneVille1. Danny is apparently more than satisfied about the new payments system. Imagine that. You can read the full article here.

When I decided to sign up for managed payments, it was really about the 30 cents savings. I do more than 5,000 sales in a year, so that savings adds up to over $1,500 back in my pocket. If you’re a higher volume seller, that 30 cents adds up fast. It’s a huge advantage for me.

I was leery about the effect that not accepting PayPal would have on my business, but sales are coming in as normal. When I think about this time last year, my PayPal fees were $1,200. And now, that will be coming directly to me.
– Danny Hone, HoneVille1

It seems like eBay is rather sensitive to criticism of the new system and is keen to bolster confidence in the tests in what will, in due course, become the default payments system on eBay when the divorce with PayPal is 100% complete. This interview addresses the major concerns that have been raised. Specifically that it will deter buyers, dent sales and PayPal isn’t part of the system yet.

It may very well be, in due course, that the new eBay managed payments system is an encouraging development but at the moment it’s hard to see why any sellers would opt-in, despite some fee incentives. That’s not a concern right now for any merchant outside of the USA: opt-in isn’t available.

As we reported earlier in the week, Apple pay is now accepted on eBay via sellers using eBay Managed Payments under the test.

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