eBay Membership benefits expanded in Australia with Stan streaming media

By Chris Dawson October 18, 2018 - 11:52 am

eBay membership benefits are aping Amazon in Australia with the addition of streaming media. Stan is going to be available for three months for free as part of eBay Australia’s loyalty program – eBay Plus.

From today, eBay Australia who sign up for eBay Membership benefits before the 31st of October will get three months of free movies and TV programs from Stan which means they’ll have them over the Christmas period. The deal will also be available to take advantage of the deal whilst existing Stan members who sign up to eBay Plus will get a three month upgrade to a premium Stan plan for free.

eBay Membership benefits in Australia

  • Free delivery

    Delivery included on all Plus purchases, with over 15 million products listed
    Free returns on all eligible purchases

  • Exclusive deals

    Access special deals and discounts only available to eBay Plus members. Examples of offers include up to 60% off on popular items and early access to new product

  • Bonus flybuys points

    Collect double flybuys points purchases

  • Premium customer service

    A dedicated customer support team

eBay Plus costs $49 per year in Australia and now it will also include three months membership of Stan for free in addition to a $20 eBay gift card.

eBay Membership Benefits compete head on with Amazon

As we’ve previously pointed out, eBay’s recent marketing around Prime Day in the UK and US was that “We don’t do memberships. We do deals”. This, with eBay Plus in Germany as well as Australia and now with streaming media benefits added to the Australian eBay membership benefits, it’s clear that eBay will consider membership programs when they are tactically in their favour.

eBay Membership benefits also fly in the face of Devin Wenig, eBay CEO’s recent comments that he doesn’t want to compete with Amazon and indeed wants eBay to have a differentiated platform. It’s clear that eBay will compete head on with Amazon in Australia, a territory where eBay own the vast majority of the marketplace business and are willing to take the fight to Amazon who have only just launched in the country.

This opens the question as to whether eBay membership benefits may come to the UK and US at some time in the future. Would you be tempted with a relatively low cost eBay membership subscription, or has that bird already flown the nest for consumers with an Amazon Prime subscription?

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  • SAM
    11 months ago

    MORE Memberships…We don’t compete with Amazon la la la la….there in trouble you can smell it, changing tact and direction at pretty alarming rates now….

  • Lucy
    11 months ago

    Mr Wenig quote from Tamebays 15 October article. “I don’t want to compete with Amazon; I want to get as far away from Amazon as I can. I want us to stand for something fundamentally different.

    And yet when I read this article Amazon Prime sprang to mind.

  • james
    11 months ago

    ebay will say or do anything today they feel will make them an extra quid, then say or do the exact opposite tomorrow if that makes them another quid, and show absolutely zero remorse or even recognition of this.
    great way to continue building trust.

    • SAM
      11 months ago

      I always think when a company starts acting like that.
      Coming out with one thing one day and totally contradicting themselves the next, first shows lack of leadership and direction and even starts to show signs of desperation SALEs are well down clearly.
      I worked for RBS before they Collapsed and everything was A oK of course till it was not.

      They have been SO slow to react, all too little to late….it is all very reactive to Amazon who of course they don’t want to compete with….they want Discovery based shopping whatever that rubbish means

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