eBay launches Instant Selling feature for smartphones

eBay has announced the launch of Instant Selling. It’s a new offering that allows consumers to sell their smartphones and get paid instantly with an eBay voucher. Crucially, they can get paid without having to manage the selling process and it takes only a matter of minutes from start to payment. Currently the feature is purely available in the United States.

The video explains it all:

They say that Instant Selling removes time spent waiting for their device to sell with a new option to receive instant payment in the form of an eBay voucher once the phone is listed. Standard smartphone trade-in providers typically offer 40% to 50% off the average market selling price. eBay says that Instant Selling provides a higher return, claiming up to 40% higher than trade-in values, on average.

A recent study commissioned by eBay found that while a majority of Americans (61%) have never sold or traded in a smartphone they no longer use, 2 in 5 (40%) have two or more unused smartphones currently in their home.

Apparently, as they say in their announcement here, Instant Selling Equals Instant Gratification:

Millions of Americans have unused phones in their homes and simply don’t realize how much their devices are worth, probably because trade-in values are typically so low. With Instant Selling, people can find out exactly how much their phone is worth, and sell their phone within a matter of minutes to immediately help fund the holidays, or maybe something off their personal wish list.
– Alyssa Steele, Vice President of Hard Goods, eBay

It’s an interesting new way of selling and tacitly it recognises something that every experienced eBay seller, many buyers and, presumably eBay staff too, has known for some time: selling phones on eBay is an area that is problematic. Buyer fraud and the like does seem to be more prevalent. And yet so many people have a phone worth good money to flog and eBay want a part of that action. This new idea goes some way to addressing some of the issues. What do you think?

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Maybe ebay should offer a voucher to all private sellers or give them the choice between a voucher for the full value or if they want to take the full price and take the cash they need to pay full final value fees and listing fees. Might put a stop to a lot of the private sellers who run a business off the back off free listings and low final value fees

Rob • 23rd October 2018 •