eBay Promotions Manager Markdown rules relaxed for

By Chris Dawson October 10, 2018 - 12:08 pm have relaxed the rules around creating an eBay Promotions Manager markdown event. Previously, in the 2018 Summer Seller Release published in May, had insisted that a product be on sale on at full price for 14 days prior to being included in an eBay Promotions Manager markdown event. Now the 14 day requirement has been relaxed. Summer Seller Release on eBay Promotions Manager Markdown feature

In the Summer Seller Release published in May the 14 day sale rule was mandated.

New markdown sale event requirement
Starting June 25, 2018, you must list your item for 14 calendar days at the same price before you can create a markdown sale event with Promotions Manager.
We recommend that you list your item at a competitive price before you create a markdown sale event. For many products, pricing recommendations are provided as you list and under the Growth tab in Seller Hub.”

– Summer Seller Release

eBay Promotions Manager Markdown rules relaxed

On the 9th of October Alan from eBay confirmed the rule was being relaxed in the eBay forums.

“I am happy to confirm that starting today; you can create immediate markdowns using Promotions Manager. We appreciate the feedback we received after our first announcement and we are committed to considering all input we receive from our sellers. If there are any changes made to this decision in the coming year, you’ll be informed right away.
As we move into the holidays, our biggest priority is ensuring you have an easy and successful selling season.
Thank you for selling on eBay.”

– alan@ebay, eBay Forums

It would appear that this may be a temporary relaxation in the eBay Promotions Manager Markdown rules as we head into the busy Black Friday and Christmas period. Alan carefully said that any changes to the decision will be communicated to sellers and that the priority was a successful selling season.

  • SAM
    11 months ago

    Defo not here however, thought we would try it this morning seen this on rockstarflipper last night on a notification….We just tried to create a new sale, but we just came of a ebay promo event so skipped the just about everything.

  • Jay
    11 months ago

    Never quite did understand why they have different rules across multiple marketplaces.

  • Tony
    11 months ago

    Used to be that you could have a Markdown sale as often as you wanted, as long as there was not a pricing change in the previous 28 days. I had 2 week sales continuously for 6 months at a time before this restricted 14 day ruling came in. That really affected my sales. Hope this is rolled out in UK soon.

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