cs.cart launches Multi-Vendor Plus product

By Dan Wilson October 15, 2018 - 1:59 pm

Ecommerce provider cs.cart has launched a more advanced version of its marketplace and ecommerce management software called Multi-Vendor Plus. The enhanced product brings a selection of more advanced merchant services that are suited specifically to bigger retailers.

The marketplace package is a way to start and successfully develop an online marketplace. They say that it frees up a business owner who can now concentrate on attracting sellers and selling more item rather than wasting too much time on administering the marketplace software.

The add-ons and services come as standard and eliminate the trouble of dealing with third-party developers and upgrade problems caused by incompatibility with new versions they say.

Speaking of their new product:

Multi-Vendor Plus is an ecommerce solution for larger marketplace businesses with bigger income and budgets. It is also more expensive than the standard edition and costs $3,500. Multi-Vendor has over 500 must-have ecommerce features for both marketplace owners and vendors. These features cover all the aspects of an online marketplace: working with a catalog, managing vendors, processing orders, marketing, and more. Multi-Vendor Plus goes further. It brings you 7 exclusive features that change the game.
– cs.cart

35,000 entrepreneurs in 172 countries are reported to use CS-Cart for their businesses since the firm started in 2005. The majority of their customers apparently live and work in the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

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