Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Performance Requirements tightened

By Chris Dawson October 12, 2018 - 10:18 am

Amazon have issued an update to the performance requirements for merchants enrolled in the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime program. Sellers are now required to buy 98% of their shipping labels through Buy Shipping for Prime orders.

It is worth noting that sellers on the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime program don’t have to purchase shipping directly from Amazon, they can connect their existing approved carriers (e.g. Royal Mail, DPD) to their Amazon account.

Dear Seller,
We are making an important update to the Performance requirements to maintain enrolment in Seller Fulfilled Prime.

What is the update?
Starting October 1st, 2018, all sellers will be required to purchase shipping labels through Buy Shipping for at least 98% of Prime orders. Therefore the current threshold of 95% will no longer apply.

After this change, the performance metrics to maintain enrolment in Seller Fulfilled Prime will be:
1. Purchase shipping through Amazon-approved carriers. For at least 98% of Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, you are required to buy labels through Amazon-approved carriers.
2. On-Time Shipping: You must maintain an on-time shipping rate of at least 99% on all Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.
3. Order Cancellation Rate: Your order cancellation rate must not be more than 1% on all Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders.

Why do we use these measurements?
Customers trust the Prime brand because it stands for fulfilment excellence. It is important that you maintain high standards so that you can keep the Prime promise and continue to delight Amazon’s most loyal customers.

What do you need to do?
Please review these changes carefully and ensure that you meet the new requirements to avoid any interruptions in your Seller Fulfilled Prime business. To do this, visit ‘Account Health’ under ‘Performance’ in your Seller Central account.
– Amazon email to merchants

  • Jay
    8 months ago

    Apparently it would seem that not all Royal Depot’s are yet meeting the required standards set by Amazon. As a result, those depot’s (and the account holders who send their mail through it) are not eligible for SFP using RM. So if you’re local depot isn’t hitting Amazon targets, you won’t be allowed to use RM Tracked 24 for your SFP entry.

  • 8 months ago

    dont want to moan to much but Amazon do not even stick to their own standards. We have items in Amazon for prime and 3 times this week they have shipped a wrong item and also lost 24 units of stock. I have personally ordered a few things this month that have not been delivered on time and one that never arrived at all. But sellers must sacrifice their first born.

  • Tim
    7 months ago

    You have to buy DPD labels from Amazon. You can not use your own rates.

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