Amazon Go stores are likely coming to the UK

By Dan Wilson October 8, 2018 - 7:13 pm

It’s being reported that Amazon Go stores will be coming to the UK and Amazon is already looking for suitable premises as sites for the innovative retail concept. As it stands at the moment, Amazon has declined to comment on the rumours.

Amazon Go shops are that new concept in shopping conceived by Amazon that mean you just grab your groceries and go. You check in with an Amazon Go app as you enter the establishment and then tech wizardry, like motion sensors and video cameras, determines exactly what you are putting in your basket and should be paying. You don’t need to queue at a checkout and you just fill your bags and leave. The shopping is charged to your pre-registered payment method.

According to a report in the Sunday Times newspaper, Amazon is looking to purchase dozens of small shops across the UK sized between 4000sq ft and 5000sq ft. The company trademarked Amazon Go in the UK in 2016.

It’s interesting that Amazon is increasingly looking outside of the USA to develop its physical retail presence and it’s also instructive that the UK, even at a time of Brexit uncertainty, is such an early target. Obviously, Amazon acquired the grocery chain Whole Foods Market last year, and whilst that is big Stateside, it only has seven stores in the UK.

Amazon has already opened four Amazon Go stores across the US since it launched in 2016, and according to Bloomberg they are also seeking to expand that chain in the USA and further ramp up its grocery store roll out over the next few years. It is said that they seek to have 3000 stores by 2021.

And just recently Amazon also opened its first “4-star” shop in New York City. Everything sold in the shop must be rated 4 stars and above on the Amazon website and is based on sales data occurring online.

  • YK
    11 months ago

    Prime App? I don’t believe you need a Prime subscription to shop at their Go stores. You just need a standard Amazon account and their Go app

  • SAM
    11 months ago

    At the cost of more jobs and lots more tax dodged.
    Innovative as it is, Amazon bring nothing to wider society am afraid.

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