Amazon Go checkout-free stores coming to the UK

By Paul Skeldon October 8, 2018 - 3:02 pm

Amazon is reported to be looking for locations across the UK to roll out Amazon Go, checkout less grocery stores.

According to The Sunday Times, the retailer is looking for “a significant number” of sites medium sized sites up to 5000 square feet all over the UK.

Amazon Go stores are designed to let Amazon app users ‘check in’ as they enter the store using their mobile running the app, pick up what they want from the shelves and simply leave – their Amazon account being charged thereafter for what they took.

The stores have been trialled in the US in a number of locations and, aside for there being issues when there are more than 20 people in the store, all has gone well. It was only a matter of time before they were launched here in the UK where mobile commerce is so prevalent.

The stores are likely to be small grocery store convenience outlets – think quinoa and beard oil on the run at lunchtime – and are unlikely to trouble the bigger supermarkets. However, the simple fact that a store with such as disruptive retail culture will be on the high street should be troubling enough to retailers and brands as it will give consumers something to compare and contrast ‘old skool’ retail with.

It also spells the first chime of the death knell of cash and even cards, believe some. Simply not having to pay to leave is ground-breaking and is a game changed for retail. While Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-op and Budgens are all trialling scan and go technologies to let app users scan their shopping as they load it into their trolley then pay by scanning their app or through the app, Amazon Go removes the scanning and paying bit completely. Eventually, this will be how all shopping happens.

“There are more options than ever when making a purchase – for example, mobile payments and applying for credit at the till or via a retailer’s website – and this points towards a society wherein using plastic cards actually becomes increasingly marginalised. As cash fades into the background, the brands that thrive will be those that can offer customers flexibility in how, when and where they pay for their goods.”

– Rob Cottingham, credit director at Duologi

  • Mark
    8 months ago

    Rumour is that Amazon expect to make huge losses on Amazon Go for a long time – though we’ll never know the full story, I suppose. But yet more losses. Jeff Bezos – backed by Wall Street – sells at a loss for years, – crushes the competition … and then what? Collapse or prices shoot up?

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