Advent calendars are big business – are you missing out?

By Chris Dawson October 10, 2018 - 12:06 pm

Advent calendars first appeared in the 19th centuries marking the countdown to Christmas. Advent Sunday always falls between the 27th of November and 3rd of December so Advent Calendars today almost universally started on the 1st of December and they are big business.

Where once, Advent calendars contained decorations for the Christmas tree, chocolate manufactures grabbed the advent calendar market after Cadbury launched its first chocolate advent calendar in the UK in 1971. Once there would have been 25 doors, with an extra large chocolate behind door 25 for Christmas day but more recently, to aid production, Advent calendars only have 24 doors ordered in 6 rows of 4 as it’s easier for production machinery to pack.

Once largely reserved for children, today many companies produce advent calendars for adults with themes such as wine, beer, jeweller and beauty being top selling options each year. It’s big business and by putting samplers into calendars brands hope that consumers will go on to purchase full size products at a later date.

This year, top selling calendars include Fortnum and Mason’s £195.00 Beauty Advent Calendar stuffed with beauty surprises worth more than £625.00. Already sold out, the calendars are appearing on marketplaces at double their retail value. Harrods new £250 beauty advent calendar is similarly stuffed with goodies worth £680. For big spenders, there’s the Very Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram retailing just 5p under £10,000.00. Even the sex industry as got in with adult themed Advent Calendars.

Many smaller businesses get in on the Advent Calendar business and one of the most popular is the beer Advent calendar with a bottle of beer to enjoy every day in the run up to Christmas.

There are almost no limits for small businesses that can get in on the Advent calendar market, from beauty to beer, chocolate to candles or even personalised calendars with a family photo behind each door the opportunities are endless. Advent Calendars are an opportunity to shift 24 small products at a time, often at an inflated price and marketplaces are an ideal method to get mass exposure for calendars with small production runs.

It might still be mid October, but there’s only six weeks until advent calendars start to be opened so now is the time to maximise on sales with Black Friday at the end of November being an ideal opportunity to discount and dispose of any stock you have left.

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