The top five export categories for eBay sellers

By Chris Dawson September 6, 2018 - 10:00 am

In their third annual UK Retail Report, eBay reveal the top five countries eBay sellers export to along with the top five export categories that overseas buyers purchase for each country.

This gives a useful guide as to which your top markets for exporting to should be, for instance whilst Vehicles Parts & Accessories are the top export category for France and second in Germany, this type of product doesn’t even make it into the top five for exporting to the US.

The top five countries that UK eBay sellers export to are: The USA; Germany; France; Italy; and Australia. The next largest countries by exports are: Ireland; Spain; Norway; Canada; Netherlands, although eBay didn’t break exports down by category to these countries.

#1 USA

British clothing and accessories top the bill for buyers in the US, with UK fashion labels a continued hit with American buyers.

Top five export categories to the USA

Clothing, shoes & accessories (14.3%)
Computers/tablets & networking (8.0%)
Collectables (7.8%)
Home (7.3%)
Health & beauty (6.6%)

#2 Germany

Buyers in Germany also hunt out British fashion – but also look to the UK as a source of parts for their vehicles.

Top five export categories to Germany

Clothing, shoes & accessories (19.7%)
Vehicle parts & accessories (10.7%)
Computers/tablets & networking (9.8%)
Health & beauty (6.6%)
Home (5.6%)

#3 France

Parts and accessories for motors top the billing in France, where British sellers export eight items every minute.

Top five export categories to France

Vehicle parts & accessories (15.8%)
Clothing, shoes & accessories (13.1%)
Toys & hobbies (7.6%)
Home (7.1%)
Computers/tablets & networking (7.0%)

#4 Italy

Italian shoppers come for a great deal on a mobile phone. On average, British traders export four items a minute to Italy from our UK marketplace.

Top five export categories to Italy

Vehicle parts & accessories (11.9%)
Clothing, shoes & accessories (11.7%)
Cell phones & accessories (7.5%)
Home (7.4%)
Health & beauty (7.3%)

#5 Australia

Three items a minute are sold by an eBay seller to a customer Down Under – a long way to travel for British clothing and vehicle parts.

Top five export categories to Australia

Clothing, shoes & accessories (14.1%)
Vehicle parts & accessories (9.0%)
Home (8.9%)
Books (8.2%)
Health & beauty (6.6%)

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