Snapchat shoppers directed to Amazon

By Chris Dawson September 25, 2018 - 9:32 am

Snapchat have announced a new way to search for products on Amazon which will start rolling out this week. Put simply the camera when used in Snapchat will enable Snapchat shoppers to find products on Amazon either via visual search or be snapping a bar code.

“It’s super easy to use. Simply point your Snapchat camera at a physical product or barcode, and press and hold on the camera screen to get started.

When the item or barcode is recognised, an Amazon card will appear on-screen, surfacing a link for that product or similar ones available on Amazon. Tap your selection to visit the Amazon App (if you have it installed on your phone) or, where you can complete your purchase or keep browsing.”
– Snap Inc

Currently only a small number of Snapchat shoppers will see the new Amazon cards and products from will be surfaced. It would be no surprise in the near future for products on local Amazon country sites to be included enabling Snapchat around the world to become a portal to Amazon.

Snap aren’t the first to incorporate Amazon shopping results into their app, Samsung also chose Amazon shopping for their Bixby virtual assistant on their entire range of smart phones.

This is of course great news for merchants selling on Amazon as it means the entire Snapchat world will be directed to Amazon (and potentially directly to their products).

Amazon is fast becoming the default place for consumers to start their product searches leaving search engines such as Google as secondary sources. As more companies like Snap opt to default to Amazon for shopping searches this will become ever more the case. Soon, if you want to sell to Snapchat shoppers then you’ll have to list on Amazon.

  • Kevin Moore
    11 months ago

    Snapchat obviously has become an Amazon affiliate and will earn a small fee on every item that is sold through snap. This is more good news for Amazon and possibly in the future Facebook, twitter and other social media will follow the same path. I would think that Facebook with Instagram are looking into this with Amazon.

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