Etsy moved to Google Cloud last month

By Dan Wilson September 13, 2018 - 10:40 am

Etsy has moved many of its website functions, its buyer and seller apps and the content of its listings to the Google Cloud, according to news on their blog. They say that the site and their apps are now almost entirely functioning in the cloud now with “minimal disruption” to buyers and sellers.

The move to the Google cloud platform was announced last year by Etsy but the timings were not revealed at that time. It looks like over the course of two periods on August 19th and 23rd, while Etsy and its apps were unavailable for a few hours, the site was quietly migrated.

With such a significant transition, it’s perhaps hardly surprising that they didn’t warn merchants (and by extension Wall St.) of the huge task, but they have announced the move now:

We believe that moving to the cloud is positioning us well for growth by allowing us to focus on strategic initiatives, enhance site performance, and improve engineering efficiency. We’ll be able to move faster and push the envelope when it comes to launching new experiments, particularly within search & discovery. All of this will help optimize the buyer experience and drive sales for our sellers.
– Mike Fisher, CTO, Etsy

The move also speaks to Etsy’s own corporate plan to become a greener more sustainable organisation by cutting carbon emissions and utilising more efficient systems.

How will this impact merchants? One a day-to-day basis, likely not at all. Aside from the announced scheduled outage period when the transition occurred, there appears to have been no impact to sellers. And looking for comments online looking for complaints about performance since, glitches or problems possibly related to the transition has revealed nothing but what could be considered normal.

As an Etsy merchant, have you experienced any problems with this move or has it been an entirely seamless experience for you and your buyers?

  • Trumpton
    10 months ago

    Superb Company, Superb platform, honest and educated Customers. Everything Ebay isn’t

  • 10 months ago

    I agree with Trumpton Etsy is a great platform

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