eBay will protect merchants from Canada Post strike action

By Dan Wilson September 25, 2018 - 10:59 am

With the possibility of strike action by postal workers at Canada Post still looming, eBay Canada has said that it will not be holding merchants resposible for any potential delays in delivery as a result of industrial action. You can keep abreast of the latest information from Canada Post on the updates page here.

As eBay Canada has said in an announcement:

Should a work disruption occur, eBay will ensure that sellers are not penalized for the delayed arrival of shipments originating or terminating in Canada. eBay will monitor and remove defects associated with shipping delays caused by any Canada Post disruption. eBay will also monitor and adjust estimated delivery dates and eBay Money Back Guarantee timelines.
– eBay Canada

Members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) who work for Canada Post voted strongly in favour of possible strike action over the summer. The reason for industrial action centres on workplace conditions for staff. One particular complaint from the union, related to ecommerce, was the burden of extra parcel volumes on postal workers making deliveries.

Strike ballots were held across Canada by the union between August 7th and September 9th with 93.8% of urban workers and 95.9% of rural posties supporting the union’s call for strike as contract renegotiations stalled. The CUPW will be in a legal strike position, once the cooling off period has expired. as of September 26th if no agreement can be found.

The latest updates from both parties are that negotiations are ongoing with the hope of an agreement being found. If no agreement is found details of a strike may be announced as early as today. the length and dates of the possible strikes has not been revealed by the union. Past experience shows that, more often than not, discussion go to the wire and stoppage are often avoided at the eleventh hour. The Canadian government has appointed mediators to help resolve the dispute.

  • Concerned
    11 months ago

    It’s customers who should be the ones being protected. It’s the customers paying for goods they may never receive or may have to wait 6 months to a year to get.

  • Jay
    11 months ago

    You obviously have no idea what this article is implying when it says that “eBay will protect sellers”.

    As a buyer, you’re already protected to the moon and back regardless of what happens.

    I’ve never heard of a buyer having to wait 6 months for anything purchased on eBay, certainly not within my 12+ years on the site.

    In contrast, the same cannot be said for sellers.

    Actually getting paid for the items you’re selling, for some, can be a task in itself. In fact, not only is it entirely feasible that a seller may never get paid for something they’ve sold, but actually can be better off not having sold it the bloody first place.

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