eBay Managed Payments will go international in 2019

By Dan Wilson September 26, 2018 - 10:01 am

The eBay Managed Payments system will be rolling out to marketplaces outside the United States at some point next year, it has been revealed.

Yesterday, as we wrote about here, the first eBay Managaed Payments purchase was made using the new system which is currently only available in the USA with thousands of merchants who have opted in.

But as eBay noted in a corporate blog post it will be rolling out to buyers and sellers outside of the United States soon. Don’t forget that full transition to the new system isn’t expected until 2021.

The introduction of eBay’s new payments experience in the US marks a significant milestone in our managed payments journey. In less than eight months since announcing our initiative, we’ve moved rapidly to build our back-end payments platform, engage thoughtfully with our seller community to solicit their input and line up new forms of payment – all of which has led to the introduction of managed payments. Looking ahead to 2019, we will expand our new experience to more buyers and sellers in the US and begin rolling out our new payments experience outside the US.
– Steve Fisher, Senior Vice President of Payments, eBay

Considering that eBay Managed Payments is very much in the early testing stage, it’s interesting that quite a number of merchants have opted in to try it out. Particularly at this time of year with the peak season approaching when taking risks with selling is best avoided. And the product is still nascent with one particular function missing: PayPal payments. Alyssa Cutright, Vice President of Payments, from eBay revealed in a statement, that that particular integration wouldn’t be landing until summer 2019. With Paypal still so central to the eBay shopping experience, not offering it could cause real confusion with buyers.

Perhaps thankfully, merchants outside the USA don’t yet have the option to utilise eBay Managed Payments so the possible tribulations of opting-in aren’t a concern yet. But if you could, would you opt-in?

  • Kristina
    1 year ago

    The fun of ebay for me has always been paypal. Its the digital version of a blow money envelope and has worked markedly well for this purpose. As it is, I can no longer buy from all the sellers who opted in, since they do not take paypal. I will opt into the new system when it is forced, and then with a “trash” bank account because this rollout has been so messy I cannot even imagine the crazy when they make everyone join. Then again, I am exactly the smalltime hobby seller buyer combo that the new ceo has announced he wants to leave. So yes I will sell with this new system, cannot say if I want to buy under it.

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