eBay Managed Payments have arrived without PayPal. Goes global in 2019. #tamebaytv

By Dan Wilson September 26, 2018 - 4:07 pm

In this week’s video, the big topic of conversation is eBay Managed Payments. This week saw the first payment being made on eBay in the USA. Merchants out side of the United States won’t be able to opt-in until next year and PayPal won’t be included until summer 2019 either

The question is whether you’d get involved. It seems like a risky opt-in at this time of year when PayPal is still not one of the eligible options and won’t be integrated until summer 2019.

(And if you can’t view the video above, you can find it on YouTube here.)

Here are some of this week’s important stories mentioned in the video, if you want to get more detail:

1st successful eBay Managed Payments transaction takes place. And you’ll find a lot of the information in this post useful such as opting in, how your can’t opt out, the unavailability of PayPal, what that means for shoppers and details on the eBay Global Shipping Programme. There is also information about how disbursements will be made and the changes you’ll need to make to your accounting processes.

eBay Managed Payments will go international in 2019

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  • Karen Marsh
    3 years ago

    The common sense method of altering things like payment methods is “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”

    The eBay method is “If it isn’t broke fix it until it is”

    So, after selling on Bay for over 17 years, I for one will be looking for a more enlightened company to handle my future sales.

  • Karen Marsh
    3 years ago

    The common sense method of altering things like payment methods is “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”

    The eBay method is “If it isn’t broke fix it until it is”

    So, after selling on Bay for over 17 years, I for one will be looking for a more enlightened company to handle my future sales.

  • Sreselling
    3 years ago

    Unfortunately Karen there is nowhere with the same buying traffic as eBay and they know it, which is why they keep doing this to all us sellers and we keep going back there.

  • Dave
    3 years ago

    I thought I would look on at what documentation they had on this new system.
    Wow what a “cock up”
    I went into help and looked at methods to pay on ebay.
    “Paying for items”.
    The article only mentions Paypal and then towards the bottom of the article it changes to German.
    No wonder customers have no trust in ebay they can’t even get a simple help page to work.
    Trust is the biggest thing that ebay have got to get over, people do not trust ebay.
    I can see the older generation who make up a proportion of my customer base and have got used to using on line buying and they have some trust in Paypal taking one look at giving ebay bank details and stopping the purchase straight away.

  • Mark
    3 years ago

    The only thing e|Bay want is MONEY MONEY MONEY and its your money. They are not bothered who they damage as long as they keep you bleeding.
    We have seen a 10 fold increase in sales on the new website ON BUY and our Amazon sales have stayed strong even with us charging higher prices than on eBay and the slightly higher cost of selling on Amazon is easily accepted for the following reasons.

    Amazon do not tell us how to ship.
    Amazon do not jump in and tell us how quick to ship.
    Amazon do not automatically accept returns.
    Amazon do not enforce a 30 day returns policy.
    Amazon do not even enforce refunding return shipping we do that ourselves within the law as law abiding online retailers.
    And finally amazon buyers seem a lot more savvy.
    We have around 1 to 2 messages per week on eBay we get around 50 ranging from.
    “will this item fit my greyhound”

    Try measuring your dog as i am miles away the sizes are in the description.

    “Where is my item” Try checking the tracking.

    “Is my item dispatched yet” Try checking the tracking”

    AND THE BEST YET only yesterday.

    It says delivered but i have not signed and no card was left.

    Well it wouldn’t would it you did not select signed for and the shop was open all day and the staff took it in they did not need a card.


    That is why eBay are trailing behind amazon they attract the wrong types and hold the seller responsible for anything. Never once saying to buyers they are not using the site correctly. They just keep taking.

    • 3 years ago

      @Mark you must sell on a different Amazon to me with regards buyers.

      In the last week I have had 2x INR A-Z claims for items that are awaiting collection from the post office. One has been refunded and I have not had the goods back yet, the other was today but of course I will lose. Both inquired about the items yet both have claimed a lack of response from me despite the reply showing in the message centre and me sending it using the [Important] at the start of the subject to try and avoid the Amazon filtering so it gets sent to their email and not blocked.

      The one today ordered the item from me again, I cancelled the order. They had also arranged a re-delivery with RM but were not in for that

      All orders have Royal mail bar-code tracking but I still get plenty of “Where’s My Stuff” messages, I don’t know how many look at the tracking and do not contact me.

      I get a lot of Amazon orders with badly formatted addresses that I have to correct, some get cancelled as buyers do not respond to messages asking for clarification.

      Overall I get a lot more problems on Amazon, but I would expect that as I sell 3/4x more.

  • Harvey
    3 years ago

    The other thing that is frustrating with eBay is that we get lots of product questions. We answer them all but find only 25% actually buy from us. They ask us the question and buy from an overseas sellers, who is just a box shifter and has no product knowledge but is cheap. These overseas sellers will state on their listing quite openly we will under declare the item value so that you avoid import duties. We can’t compete with that as we pay all duties on our. But ebay seam ok with VAT fraud and don’t care if goods are bought without import duties paid. If they care I am sure they could police the site to pick up on sellers claiming they will underdeclare the item value.

    Instead they pick on business sellers by falsely claiming they are bad sellers to get penalty fees on returns.

  • 3 years ago

    I have read on some ebay community boards, a few sellers were able to opt out after complaining, but this was before their new Terms Of Service agreement was updated.

  • Mike
    3 years ago

    Based on my experience of eBay todate, I don’t fancy signing up to something that gives them even more control over my business. Customer services are either terrible or mediocre, and their impartial 😉 judgements on cases would be laughable, if they weren’t so ridiculous and harmful.

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