EMAIL is promoting vinyl record sales with Vinyl Obsession Week

By Dan Wilson September 20, 2018 - 10:11 am, the US marketplace, is introducing Vinyl Obsession Week and offering exclusive and rare record bundles and deals on in-demand vinyls from a wide selection of artists and genres to drive awareness of its amazing selection of old records and promote vinyl record sales for merchants in general.

eBay says it is the go-to destination for music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts searching for new, rare and unique vinyl at a great price, and offers shoppers access to the widest selection of collectible vinyl records through trusted independent sellers and record stores around the country.

Vinyl is no longer just a trend of the past and its resurgence among today’s music lovers is undeniable. We are excited to collaborate with industry leaders, independent record stores, and leading music industry charities to bring exclusive vinyl bundles and special offerings as part of this inaugural limited time event.
– Michael Mosser, General Manager of Lifestyle, Media & Toys,

To promote vinyl record sales exclusively this week, eBay has a limited-time vinyl coupon offering shoppers 10% off purchases valued at $50 or more, top-selling bundles provided by specialty record label Rhino Records and a free, three-month HiFi TIDAL subscription to those who purchase select vinyl records from eBay seller get_importCDs.

Apparently between 2007 and 2017, pop-pickers were on the hunt for classic vinyl albums including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” Led Zeppelin’s “IV,” and The Beatles “Abbey Road” and all of the above consistently appeared in the top 10 best selling records on eBay for ten consecutive years. Not ‘arf.

You can find out more about the vinyl bundles eBay has put together in this post on the company corporate blog but there is a broad choice including The Doors and Ed Sheeran.

Is eBay gradually edging back to its roots and realising that by promoting the brilliant, bizarre and, gasp, pre-loved is where one of its strengths has always been? We do hope so.

  • Uk Vinyl dealer
    2 years ago

    What the hell
    Been selling vinyl for 20 years.
    They kick me off eBay for being 99% feedback. 4/5 years ago.
    Stating my rating is below standard on shipping. Having to many customers claiming postage is to high even when it is at cost price.

    When I rang them, they stated “go on sale” get more sales and boost your rating up.
    2 weeks later. I was closed done and banned for life.

    So you wanted to make money from my stock through fees and then still put me in the bin anyway.

    I have over 1 million items for sale.
    Years of listing wiped out.

    Now they are promoting vinyl …..
    Stop it…. first re instate my account.

    Let’s see if tamebay can get in contact with someone further up the call Center to look into getting my account activiated again.

  • 2 years ago

    Wow! Sad story. When did you last try for reinstatement? I am an old fashioned record shop owner who migrated to eBay in 1999. Had a couple of suspensions along the way but nothing major. I am not happy with the platform but where else is there to sell? Discogs? Musicstack? Own website? I sell on Amazon as well but not much cop for vinyl. Good luck with it

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