eBay service metrics penalties, high shipping fees on Etsy and Amazon Turkey [video] #tamebayTV

By Dan Wilson September 20, 2018 - 2:55 pm

The controversial subject of eBay service metrics penalties have been a hot topic of conversation on Tamebay this week. That’s the 4% levy on your fees if your customer focus and satisfaction isn’t up to scratch under the eBay criteria. They have been delayed in the UK until next February but they will be rolling at as expected and on time on Check out the discussion and add your views on the article below. This, and several other topics, are the focus of our weekly video update.

(And if you can’t view the video above, you can find it on YouTube here.)

Here are some of this week’s important stories mentioned in the video, if you want to get more detail:

There have been a number of developments at Etsy including: Etsy to hammer sellers with high shipping prices

And this week we learnt that the new Amazon marketplace has opened in Turkey and we expect more information soon: Amazon Turkey launched today

And the main point of discussion:
eBay UK Announces Delay to Service Metrics Penalties to 1st Feb 2019 WILL implement 4% surcharges from 1st Oct

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  • Kevin Moore
    2 years ago

    With EBay what will happen is that EBay will find this +%4 fine a new revenue stream where EBay will then abuse that and pena!use genuine and good sellers. Where all those good sellers that have been unjustly penalised will then close shop with EBay and open up with Amazon. EBay will lose sellers and Amazon will gain sellers.

    The majority of bad sellers on EBay will all be from China selling counterfeit goods and those sellers will give a bad service and have high shipping costs.

    Etsy is trying to compete with Amazon and that is why it is trying to reduce its shipping costs.

    • Harvey
      2 years ago

      @ Kevin it does amaze me on EBay how many of the really big overseas sellers are allowed to keep lying they are in the UK. When you read the feedback they have they can have up to 200 negatives in one month, claiming goods arrived late and damaged, the buyers then say how unhappy they are they were mislead into thinking the item was in the UK.

      If I can find these bad practices so easily I am sure Ebay could, they could then tackle the issues buyers are having with them and save 200 people being left unhappy. They don’t need metrics to see this kind of bad selling practice.

  • Rob
    2 years ago

    ebay claim if buyers get a bad experience they don’t come back to buy again. Guess the same can be said for sellers when they have had enough of ebays bad selling experience.

    I worked at a international hotel chain while at uni for a year and during the induction remember them saying about how mistakes or problems are a chance to be turned into a positive as it was often one of the few times they got to interact with guests.

    ebays way is, all returns are soon to be a full refund or automatic return label. No chance to go above and beyond to sort problems out and give a customer a good experience. Turning a negative in to a positive and hopefully get them to come back.

    • Lucy
      2 years ago

      @ Rob, I totally agree we had one buyer who was really sarcastic about an issue he was having, we sorted out the issue for him, in fact he had bought the wrong item from us, we took it back, gave him a free return, we built up such a good relationship with him we even wished him well at his daughters wedding.

      Being able to talk to buyers and resolve issues is far better for everyone involved. An impersonal label or automatic refund is not the answer.

      Especially when items will be returned just because sellers had no change to talk the buyer through initial set up or a device as an example.

      Ebay are just thinking about money, how much they get from the postage labels and how much they get from increasing returns and then charging a return penalty charge.

      Other marketplaces will gain more sellers as they will look for alternatives to eBay.

  • 2 years ago

    Too true Lucy. I’m moving my inventory after the Xmas rush to another platform before February arrives so they cannot have the chance to take an extra 4%. Which for ebay is a backward step as they won’t get monthly fees off me again as well. If they say that this idea has been moth balled then i will stay otherwise I’m not going to be held over a barrel with metrics I cannot see. They way I see it is if you are not happy with a service then take it somewhere else who will appreciate it, so bye bye ebay.

  • Jim
    2 years ago

    It seems to me that if sellers are going to marked against their ‘selling peers’ then someone in that peer group is ALWAYS going to be paying 4% additional fees.

    I don’t care what rubbish eBay say, this is all about them heading towards 15% fees for everything.

  • Jonah
    2 years ago

    Another eBay return.
    Item header- antique oil painting for restoration.
    Item description- requires comprehensive restoration.
    Reason for return- “it needs restoration “

    It’s getting silly now.

  • matt mclaughlin
    2 years ago

    I am not quite sure what you all mean? If you sell honestly you can not get a 4% fee. Forget all that if you sell vintage or antique items you can not sell them on amazon. Etsy gets the most traffic of all vintage type ebay alternatives and i still sell 2 items a month as on ebay i sell 5-8. Now i sell old toys so i may make $100-$200 an item at least $50 so even at that it is only $300- $500 a week so please tell me where else you can sell vintage items other than ebay? I tried them all bonanza, ebid, ruby lane, ecrater, artfire etc. for a year i sold 1 item on bonanza. So please let me know? Thanks

  • Elizabeth
    2 years ago

    I sell very low value items and what I’m worried about is that wouldn’t this mean that people who want free stuff (or you could say thieves I suppose) just need to message me and say the item isn’t up to scratch for some reason or other and I would need to refund them straight away because it’s not worth the postage and back and certainly not worth to have a returns case count? At the moment I ask people to open a Returns case and claim the item isn’t as described and then issue a refund without the need to return because I feel that if this person opens up too many returns, they might be flagged up as being a potential bad apple. As soon as I ask people to open a Returns case (obviously super politely), I don’t hear from 90% again.
    I understand eBay’s point of view about not wanting to turn customers off eBay but wonder what is being done to protect honest sellers.

  • Tjirak
    2 years ago

    Amazon will eventually figure out how to add vintage items to their platform . At that point eBay will lose all its sellers and it will crash and burn! eBay should treat their sellers better and focus on what made them unique. Most vintage sellers I believe would jump at a chance to be with amazon , eBay is too much nonsense for the honest seller

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