Bigcommerce enables reviews capabilities for merchants

By Dan Wilson September 10, 2018 - 8:01 am

Ecommerce shopfront provider BigCommerce has struck a partnership with Rivet Works to bring user reviews and easier use of social content to their platform. The Rivet Works features are now available through the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

The Rivet Works system eases the process of adding shopper videos, photos, comments and reviews to ecommerce shops and also hooks up with retailer’s social media accounts. They say that Rivet Works automatically collects content from past shoppers and then utilises machine learning to present the information online.

According to Rivet Works, their users on average gain 155% greater social reach and 104% more reactions, shares, and comments for the Facebook posts they generate compared typical posts. On top of that, they say that their consumer retail businesses report conversion gains of up to 200% for pages containing original content.

To remain competitive, retailers need the kind of advanced digital content capabilities that Amazon has developed for itself. I’m thrilled that we are able to bring this type of sophistication and scale to merchants of all sizes, enabling them to sell even more through their BigCommerce-powered storefronts.
– Mike Svatek, founder and CEO of Rivet Works

The question is how much effort a retailer should be spending on utilising user-generated and social content. Time is a precious commodity and it can sometimes be difficult to assess whether efforts are successful. More shares and likes is always most gratifying but what is more difficult to prove is whether that converts into improved sales, conversions and, most importantly, profits for marketplace merchants.

So in this uncertain arena, automation and time and labour saving options are crucial. But so is measurement and analysis so that you can be certain whether your efforts are paying off. Have you had any success on your standalone shopfront with shopper reviews? What have been your experiences of using social and welcoming reviews?

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