There are new eBay APIs available for merchants and developers

By Dan Wilson August 14, 2018 - 6:03 pm

There is news about some new eBay APIs, and changes, that will be of interest to developers and merchants who use them to administer their listings. Now image search, machine translation and marketplace feeds are all available for developers to implement into their business and more are expected to follow. As eBay says:

At eBay, we’re continuing to deliver a developer-centric platform, opening our APIs to third-party developers so they have access to the latest technology advances. With the impact of artificial intelligence and its transformation of ecommerce, we’re enabling developers in our ecosystem to take advantage of emerging technologies.
– eBay

In the past year or so the eBay APIs offering has dramatically increased, including this week’s new announcements:

  • Buy APIs – Last year, eBay announced the availability of Buy APIs for the US market. To ensure that more developers have access to the Buy APIs, eBay is now making the Buy APIs (Feed, Search, Item, Checkout, Order and Marketing) available in US, UK and Germany. Even more geographies are coming soon, they say.
  • Inventory API – Developers will now be able to migrate all of a merchant’s listings to the Inventory model in one shot, instead of migrating them in small batches. They have also added bulk endpoints for all entities so developers can serve large sellers efficiently.
  • Trading API – Developers can now remove variations from MSKU listings that have transactions. This will help sellers ensure that the listings are compliant with the Product-Based Shopping Experience by adding products from the eBay catalogue to the variation. Sellers can also now remove secondary category, best offer and charity from their existing listings.
  • Fulfillment API – This API is now available in eight additional territories including the USA, U.K., Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Italy and Spain. And is expected to be available elsewhere soon too. eBay has also updated the Fulfillment API in Australia to support the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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