Snapfulfil win print trade supplier contract

By Chris Dawson August 1, 2018 - 11:47 am

A major marketing and print trade supplier has sharpened up its warehousing operation following the implementation of a new management system from Snapfulfil.

Halesowen-based SignzWorld, a print trade supplier, offer a range of products and equipment from branded mugs and mouse mats, through to heavy duty sign making and print machinery, including its own UKCutter branded range.

With such a diverse product portfolio, and customers ranging from hobbyists to large print and marketing firms, the company needed a flexible and responsive Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would help keep track of its thousands of weekly orders.

“Even in quieter periods we receive well over 100 orders a day of all shapes and sizes. With the boom in online sales, our paper-based system was struggling to keep up and so we needed a solution fast.”
– Aliy Li, Managing Director, Signzworld

That solution came in the form of Snapfulfil – a flexible, cloud based WMS. Quick and simple to install, users pay no upfront fees and all of the necessary hardware, software, training and updates are included in one monthly subscription.

Within weeks of installation the new Snapfulfil system made an impact. It improved product traceability, stock availability and provided a more holistic overview of the warehousing situation, boosting efficiency, freeing up space and reducing lost time.

“Prior to implementing the Snapfulfil system, it was a very time-consuming operation to check inbound deliveries and reconcile stock levels. It was also difficult to get a holistic view of stock availability across our two warehouses, which was solved the first day we implemented the new system. Snapfulfil has also led to a more productive use of the warehouse team’s time. Whereas before there were troughs and peaks in activity, there is now a solid structure to the day so that everyone is working to their maximum potential.”
– Aliy Li, Managing Director, Signzworld

“One of the key benefits for Signzworld was that our system could integrate seamlessly with the software they were already using for handling online orders. Over ordering of stock has become a thing of the past and long-standing issues in the picking and despatch process were quickly resolved with the implementation of a more efficient system.”
– Victor Chidlaw, Project Manager, Snapfulfil

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