Selling on eBay Podcast – eBay Radio replacement

By Chris Dawson August 8, 2018 - 1:25 pm

The Selling on eBay Podcast Episode 1 has been released as a new format replaces eBay Radio. eBay Radio ended in a final broadcast from eBay Open 2018 after an incredible 15 year run as host Lee retired.

Griff, famed as the Dean of eBay Education and eBay’s first customer service rep is back. Griff is joined by a new host,
Audrey Tracy, who is Social Media Manager, Professional Seller Marketing at eBay.

You can call in to the Selling on eBay Podcast on the old eBay radio phone number that was in use for 15 years and the Selling on eBay Podcast will be a weekly show.

You can listen in on the web, download as an MP3 to listen on your favourite device, or access the show through iTunes. The first episode is below:

Selling on eBay Podcast Episode 1

Griff and Audrey waste no time before jumping straight into the day’s news which is the 2018 Fall Seller Release. The focus was on eBay payments, product based shopping and the seller service metrics. There are some interesting snippets on Payments (such as for US sellers who opt in early and how and when they’ll be able to take international payments). On the Product Based Shopping and eBay seller service metrics the news is interesting, but as you’d expect largely extolling eBay’s view.

For the first Selling on eBay Podcast, the timing really couldn’t be better. Opening the new format on the day of a Seller Release may have been fortuitous, but it could hardly have been planned better.

If you’d like to keep up to date with the podcasts, you can subscribe with RSS or visit the Selling on eBay Podcast website weekly.

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