Plentymarkets launches Wish marketplace plug in

By Dan Wilson August 22, 2018 - 1:10 pm

Ecommerce marketplace provider plentymarkets has announced that it now serves the popular mobile app Wish marketplace. If you’re already a user you’ll need to get the new plug in for plentymarkets 7 and you can make your existing inventory available with relative ease.

You can find out more in the announcement here. But as they say:

Make the most of Wish’s wide reach and sell your products with the popular shopping app. plentymarkets’ practical plugin technology makes it easy for you to integrate the platform into your multi-channel mix. Use plentymarkets 7 to directly reach millions of bargain hunters with the Wish app! Download the free Wish plugin from plentyMarketplace. The plugin description contains all of the necessary information about setting up and using the function.
– plentymarkets

What is the Wish marketplace?

It was founded by former Google employee Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang who came from Yahoo. It gained swift popularity and was soon exceeding Amazon, eBay and Zalando in the app download charts. Wish marketplace enjoys great popularity with price-conscious younger shoppers and it’s only available via its web app. And they shop in their droves, often for flash-in-the pan fashion items. They claim to have more than 300 million users in the USA and Europe.

We’ve covered the Wish marketplace and what it can offer in our Marketplaces 2018 series earlier in the year. It’s open to merchants who can offer decent discounts to shoppers. It’s currently, they claim, the sixth biggest online retail destination in the world and its popularity shows no sign of waning yet.

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