New features and improvements made to PayPal app

By Dan Wilson August 24, 2018 - 6:10 pm

Payments provider PayPal is making changes and improvements to their mobile app. They explain that the improved PayPal app highlights the features customers use most to help make life easier. They have:

  • streamlined the app design to make it easier for customers to view their balance, get notifications, and move money from nearly wherever they are.
  • moved the Send and Receive money buttons, so they’re always at customers fingertips on the home screen.
  • when sending and requesting money it is now simpler for customers to add their photo and personalize their contact list, so they can feel more confident they’re sending money to the right person.

PayPal is rolling out the new mobile app experience in select markets – including Australia and Italy – on Android starting from today. And they will continue to make it available in additional global markets (including the USA) in the coming weeks. The iOS update will also be coming in a few weeks. You can read the full news announcement here.

The PayPal mobile app remains the fast, simple, secure way to send or receive money, to or from PayPal users, around the world. And with advanced authentication features, 24/7 fraud monitoring, and instant account notifications, customers have peace of mind knowing their money is right where it should be.
– John Kunze , VP, Global Consumer Product & Engineering, PayPal

PayPal is well-versed with the importance of mobile apps for payments especially in the person to person sphere. They are also owners of the ever-popular Venmo. But the competition in the payments space is hotting up, so anything that keeps them ahead in the game is smart. But there are questions being raised as to whether PayPal is trendy and nimble enough to attract the big spending but savvy millennial shoppers that are attracted to other services.

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