New FedEx oversize and overweight surcharges commence on September 3rd

By Dan Wilson August 31, 2018 - 4:39 pm

As of 3rd September, FedEx will be changing how it charges for oversize and overweight consignments. And be aware that in the peak seasonal period, commencing 19th November and continuing until 24th December in this case, there will be additional charges for non-complaint parcels. It’s a good reminder to ensure that your despatches meet the size and weight criteria for your carrier. Basically, if you get it wrong, the cost of your mistakes will be higher.

For the full details and other information related to FedEx surcharges, visit the FedEx website here.

Ground Unauthorized Package Charge

This fee will increase from $300 a package to $675 and during peak it will be subject to an additional $150 fee. This surcharge is payable if your parcel is:

  • more than 108 inches long
  • more than 165 inches in length and width or depth combined
  • more than 150 pounds

Additional Handling Surcharge

The cost of the Additional Handling Surcharge will increase from $12 to $20 per package for United States express package services, US and international ground services and the international express package service. And during the peak holiday season an additional $3.30 per package will be added to the standard Additional Handling Surcharge. The Additional Handling Surcharge is potentially payable if your consignment is:

Oversize parcel charge

Packages that are bigger than 96 inches in length or 130 inches in length and girth will be subject to a Oversize Charge of $80 per package that increases by another $27.50 per package during peak.

(This post relates to United States pricing.)

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