How to control Amazon Social Media Promo Codes redemptions

By Chris Dawson August 2, 2018 - 1:30 pm

If you are registered with Brand Registry, then you have access to Amazon Social Media promo codes which enable you to promote your Amazon offerings more widely across the web.

The big advantage of Amazon Social Media Promo codes is that they create a unique marketing page with a link, making it easier to direct customers to your product from social media. This marketing page exclusively features your offers and customers can add your products to their cart from this page without manually entering the promo code at checkout.

How to control your promotions

There is of course one danger with using promo codes, and that’s bulk buying by one customer. The last thing you want is to offer a deep discount to attract new consumers to your product simply to find that a single buyer wipes out all of your inventory in a single transaction. You also might quite rightly object to an arbitrage seller using your promotion code multiple times to dropship your products onto other marketplaces such as eBay and pocketing your promotional percentage off discount as their profit.

Fortunately, Amazon offer three different ways to control your discount offer to manage how many times a single buyer can purchase. Redemptions by customer can be limited to a choice of:

  1. One unit in one checkout
  2. Unlimited units in one checkout
  3. Unlimited units in unlimited checkouts

Which option you choose will largely depend on how you want to control the promotion.

Which Amazon Social Media Promo control option should you choose?

Option 1, for a single unit in a single checkout, is the most stringent option as it means that any single Amazon buyer account can only redeem a particular promotion one time only for a single product.

Option 2, for unlimited units in one checkout, gives customer the ability to bulk buy at a discount which could be attractive for products for which you often see multiple quantity purchases This will also be a useful option if the promotion isn’t for a single product but for a family of related products and you’d expect a buyer to select multiple items as part of the promotion.

Option 3, offering unlimited products in unlimited checkouts, is the most relaxed policy giving the greatest flexibility to your genuine customers. However, it is also the option which opens you up to the greatest risk of arbitrage sellers using your promotion to sell your products on other websites and in the process stealing the discount you intended to give your end consumers.

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