Flipkart launch Flipkart Plus loyalty program

By Chris Dawson August 17, 2018 - 12:00 pm

Flipkart have launched a new loyalty program known as Flipkart Plus, aiming to compete with Amazon Prime on the continent.

FlipKart Plus Benefits

  • Free Plus Delivery on thousands of products
  • Early Plus exclusive access to Sales
  • Earn Plus Exchange Coins for offers on shopping, food and travel
  • Superior Plus customer support with priority helpline

The main difference between Amazon Prime and Flipkart’s loyalty program is that the former is chargeable but Flipkart offer the benefits for free based on shopping history and activity on the site. Based on past and future shopping frequency and value, Flipkart Plus is available to anyone that saves up 50 Plus coins. Flipkart have gifted many of their best customer with 50 coins so that they can join Flipkart Plus immediately.

Customers can earn 1 coin for every Rs250 spent (about £3) with a maximum of 10 coins awarded for any single transaction. This makes a lot of sense – reward your best customers with additional benefits and encourage others to increase purchases and activity on the site to unlock the benefits. Compared with Amazon who charge Rs999 for an annual Prime subscription in India and Flipkart offering benefits for free looks very attractive to consumers

Once you’ve saved 50 coins and activated your Flipkart Plus membership, further coins collected can be exchanged for offers on shopping, food and travel with bonus welcome vouchers for partners gifted as a Flipkart Plus welcome offer.

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