eBay squeeze a discount from myHermes

By Chris Dawson August 10, 2018 - 10:00 am

eBay sellers who use eBay Postage can now get ever better rates on myHermes parcel delivery with eBay Delivery powered by Shutl. The discount from myHermes kicked in from yesterday, the 9th of August 2018.

eBay say that they have worked closely with Hermes to deliver a small saving to customers across the 0-5kg weight bands for both collection and delivery. The savings might be small, but when it comes to low cost delivery margins for carriers are tight and even pennies make a difference. Pennies also make a difference to eBay sellers and whilst you might not be that impressed with saving 4p on a medium parcel, over the course of the year it all adds up.

Current rate
(incl. VAT)
New rate
(incl. VAT)
Drop off 0-2kg Small £2.79 £2.78 £0.01
Drop off 0-2kg Medium £3.99 £3.95 £0.04
Drop off 2-5kg £5.59 £5.55 £0.04
Collection 0-2kg Small £3.19 £3.15 £0.04
Collection 0-2kg Medium £4.25 £4.20 £0.05
Collection 2-5kg £5.88 £5.85 £0.03

When you use the eBay delivery service online, you will see the discount from myHermes reflected in your next monthly Shutl invoice.

You’ll find more information on the eBay delivery powered by Shutl including other services offered on the eBay landing page.

  • james
    4 months ago

    We’re increasing fees across the board by up to 100%, but we’ve saved you 0.03% on an external service you don’t use.

  • NorthCrystal
    4 months ago

    £0.01 saving per parcel? Maybe if I was sending million of them per week it then would be beneficial for my business. But having that postage volume I would go direct to Hermes (or someone else)….

  • Paul
    4 months ago

    What a joke, just ebay thinking of the big sellers yet again

  • Northumbrian
    4 months ago

    Insulting shutl should and could offer a price no one could match with ebays parcel numbers

  • 4 months ago

    EBay are full of u know what

  • Peter
    4 months ago

    As a buyer my Preferred Delivery Service is ROYAL MAIL,

    I only have unsatisfactory experiences with other carriers, including this one that Ebay is trying to force on sellers.

    Ebay not being British, does not, cannot, understand the affinity the UK population has for the British Postal system, despite it once being integral to life in our former Colony in the America’s.

    Britain invented the first adhesive postage stamps in the World in 1840, their only identifying feature was our Monarchs head – Queen Victoria in profile, The Queen remained our Monarch ’til her death on 22 January 1901.

    British stamps remain the only ones in the World to not show their country of origin – Queen Elizabeth II’s head in profile remain their only ID feature!!

  • 4 months ago

    what’s eBay’s slice of this model of altruism?

  • John Dreenagh
    4 months ago

    I pay £2.95 for parcels up to 5kg with Hermes at my local shop. You have to pay for and print the label in store.

  • 4 months ago

    A joke and a money grab, you can get a single hermes small parcel via parcels2go, for just £2.51 including VAT, via Ebay it costs £2.78, so how is it Ebay can’t get a better price than this when negotiating a contract that covers literally millions of parcels every month. I doubt that Ebay are paying hermes anymore then £2.00 a parcelall in for every return label.

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