eBay seller release, Amazon Tax and summer weather #tamebaytv [video]

By Dan Wilson August 12, 2018 - 9:28 pm

Welcome to the latest video from #TamebayTV: one of our weekly YouTube updates and this week we look at a variety of stories including the latest announcements from eBay in their autumn seller release and the UK government’s proposal for an online sales tax, dubbed as the ‘Amazon Tax’.

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Here are the stories referenced in the video on TamebayTV:

There is a slew of information from eBay this week that forms their autumn seller release. You can read the Tamebay round-up of the changes in this article: eBay UK Autumn 2018 Seller Release

But here are the major changes. There are some significant changes to the INR and SNAD 4% surcharges and also developments related to duplicate listings. And the Subtitle fee is also set to double.

(And there are also posts related to the announcements made by other international sites in Europe and America.)

And here is more information about the proposal from the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond about the idea of an online sales tax, or ‘Amazon Tax’, which he has signalled the UK could adopt without international agreement if a treaty cannot be agreed. There’s been plenty of lively discussion about this topic: The UK government wants an international ‘Amazon Tax’ on online sales.

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