eBay India shut down commences today

By Chris Dawson August 6, 2018 - 10:20 am

From today, Flipkart are beginning the eBay India shut down with the removal of low value and high value listings as previously announced. Sellers are already unable to create new listings on the site.

eBay India shut down – listing restrictions

Sellers on eBay India have been requested to remove listings where the price is less than INR 250/- or greater than INR 8,000/- (roughly less than £3 or greater than £90) but if any listings with prices outside these ranges remain on the site then eBay will end the listings items from today.

  1. If sellers have sold any quantity of such items prior to ending the listings of such items, the same will be accessible to buyers and sellers even after delisting of these listings.
  2. Sellers should fulfil any pending orders pertaining to such items to their buyers.
  3. After ending such listings, sellers may access the listings of their unsold items in their My eBay -> Unsold section.
  4. There is no impact on the items whose listing price is INR 250/- or above and less than or equal to INR 8,000/-. Seller can continue selling such items on till August 13, 2018.

eBay India shut down – final sales

From Tuesday next week, the 14th of August, users will no longer be able to transact on eBay India. Sellers are requested to fulfil all orders placed on through August 13, 2018. Per applicable Rules and Policies:

  1. Payments for all eligible transactions will be settled according to the applicable timelines.
  2. All eligible buyers claims or seller protection claims will be reviewed.
  3. Settlement of sellers’s accounts will occur in September 2018, timelines will be published shortly for the final eBay India shut down dates when the site will no longer be accessible.

Closing your eBay India Store

Sellers should unsubscribe from any eBay store subscriptions before August 14, 2018 in order to avoid monthly billing to their account.

  • paul ali
    11 months ago

    Why are they shutting down ?

    • james
      11 months ago

      its been covered at length here and elsewhere.
      ebay india was a venture in co-operation with FlipKart.
      Amazon ended up buying a large bit of FlipKart.
      eBay and Amazon aren’t best mates.
      eBay india has to shut down.

  • Bella
    11 months ago

    It’s a great PITY that Ebay India cannot find another Partner to buy Flipkart out. This is terrible for sellers in India and will certainly affect buyers accross the globe.

  • Sourabh kumar
    11 months ago

    This is not good for budget buyer like me.
    I always looked forward to for best value items.

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