eBay Flash Sale 10% off Everything 10am – 8pm today

By Chris Dawson August 3, 2018 - 9:00 am

We’ve had a tip off that eBay UK will be holding an eBay Flash Sale today, Friday the 3rd of August 2018 with 10% off everything for UK residents on eBay UK.

The sale is for one day only offering shoppers the chance to get 10% off everything on eBay, although there will be a few exceptions such as vehicles and property.

There’s a minimum spend of £20 and a maximum discount of £50 meaning you can spend up to £500 in a single transaction and still get your 10% off. Unusually for eBay, you can also make two transactions per account so could potentially save £100 off two £500 purchases but have to pay with PayPal.

Effectively, with average fees running around 10% on eBay, the marketplace is waiving their fees for a ten hour period and giving buyers a discount code valid for every eBay seller, large and small. If you are a buyer all you need to do is make a purchase and enter the discount code PICKANY at checkout.

Make sure you enter the discount code before you complete payment – on both desktop and mobile version of eBay you’ll probably need to scroll down the checkout page and if you don’t enter the discount code then you won’t get your 10% saving.

For merchants, this promotion hopefully means that you’ll see a bump in sales and have a busy Saturday if your warehouse is open at the weekends or a busy Monday if that’s the next day you’ll be picking and packing orders. If you can, be prepared to get as many orders shipped today as whatever goes out with your carriers this Friday will make next week’s workload a little easier.

eBay PICKANY Flash Sale details

  • Starts: Friday 3rd August 10:00am
  • Ends: Friday 3rd August 08.00pm
  • 10% off everything onsite
  • Minimum spend £20, maximum discount £50
  • Enter coupon code: PICKANY
  • Available for 2 uses

Full Terms and Conditions for the PICKANY flash sale are on the eBay site.

  • 12 months ago

    wont be very busy as they haven’t advertised it lol, typical ebay !

  • Eleanor McDonnell
    12 months ago

    Maybe this is Freudian, but I read that title as “PANICKY”!

  • 12 months ago

    I’ve used it myself on a bit of personal buying (books), and it’s worked out 25% cheaper than buying exactly the same items on Amazon from the cheapest sellers.

    In this case, the seller (who is a business seller) was also doing buy 2, get 10% off the 2nd item. That little extra helped swing it so that all the purchases went to them. And that made me think, surely this a very good time to launch your own flash sale. I’ve just put spend £20+ get 10% off on most of our items, matching ebays offer and meaning buyers can get almost a 20% discount.

    It seems to be working too.

  • Rich
    12 months ago

    Trouble is eBay don’t advertise this. Same for this cheap than prime day. It’s not busy at all on eBay today. Not a single order yet. So it’s pointless.

  • SAM
    12 months ago

    We normally pick up a fair bit with these deals. Not today so far, we are even holding of sending right now. Sold more on Game than on eBay this morning and they don’t have any discounts codes.
    Maybe tonight when some people come home from work..

  • rob
    12 months ago

    Looks like there could be problems on ebay according to the down detector and also over an hour to wait to get through to customer support

    • 12 months ago

      Looks more like paypal than ebay to me.

      If you look at both ebay and paypal in down detector, the paypal page has lots more comments about how people can’t log in and can’t complete purchases, a problem that is going back to yesterday in some cases

    • 12 months ago

      We’ve been monitoring the payment problem all day, but there are only dozens of reports on Downdetector – we’d expect 100s if not 1000s if the issue was really widespread

    • 12 months ago

      More paypal issues than normal perhaps, but not a total meltdown

      I had a buyer this morning message to say he’d been trying but had paypal issues. He eventually managed to pay around 2pm.

      Otherwise, ebay has been quite good today, IMO

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