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eBay Germany Austria & Italy Fee changes

By Chris Dawson August 9, 2018 - 10:00 am

eBay Germany Austria & Italy have a few minor fee changes which will apply if you list in affected categories directly on the country sites. The changes were announced in the eBay 2018 Autumn Seller Releases on each country site.

eBay Germany Austria & Italy Fee changes

The fee changes for eBay Germany and eBay Austria are identical.

New categories are available for Hi-Fi & Navigation devices as well as Smart Home with new fees for these categories valid from 8th September 2018.

Car electronics, GPS & safety technology

  • Auto Entertainment (# 171101)
  • Dashcams (# 174121)
  • Electronics accessories (# 169423)
  • Parking assistance (# 258037)
  • GPS & Navigation Devices (# 139835) and their subcategories

These categories have a final value fee of 5% plus the fixed fee of 5 cents with a cap of 15 euros.

All other categories in car electronics, GPS & security technology have a final value fee of 9% plus the fixed fee of 5 cents with a cap of 99 euros.

Smart Speakers, Hubs & Accessories

The newly created category Smart Speakers, Hubs & Accessories (# 185034) and their subcategories have a final value fee of 5% plus the fixed fee of 5 cents with a cap of 15 euros.

eBay Italy Fee Changes

From 1 October 2018 eBay will lower the final value fee for the Small Kitchen appliances category(ID 20667) from the current 8.7% to 4.3%.

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