Black Friday 2018 preparations already underway, say 62% of online retailers

By Dan Wilson August 13, 2018 - 10:03 am

It might seem a long way off, especially when we haven’t already enjoyed the August bank holiday, but the majority of online retailers are already planning for Black Friday 2018. It’s coming up later in the year on November 23rd. How advanced are your own preparations?

A new survey from Acceleration Partners of 416 UK online retailers quizzed them about their activities ahead of the now annual shopping event and there is clear confirmation retailers are already working on Black Friday offers. 42% have already planned to ensure that they have enough stock for the expected peak in demand and nearly as many (39%) are already refining their offers. And retailers who have already taken party in Black Friday explained their enthusiasm and planning activities. 92% saw an increase in the number of visitors to their website and a further 71% saw an increase in sales last year.

Once an American tradition, Black Friday has really taken off in the UK over the past few years, particularly in online retail and forward planning is essential to maximise return from the event.
– Sophie Parry-Billings, EMEA marketing manager, Acceleration Partners

It’s hardly a surprise that so many online retailers already have advanced plans for Black Friday 2018. It seems most likely that many have been busy for some months. Perhaps what is more bewildering is that significantly more than one third of online retailers aren’t yet getting to grips with what should be the biggest sales day of the calendar, if previous years are to be repeated. Every year it becomes more significant.

When it comes to sourcing stock to ensure that you have adequate supplies in readiness for Black Friday, it’s likely already too late for many retailers to place additional orders and take delivery in time for the big day. That’s especially true if you import your products from China or elsewhere in Asia.

But there is still time to hone your offers, research the market to get pricing correct and brush up your listings with sharper imagery and the like over the next three months or so.

  • SAM
    5 months ago

    So bad for real business is this.
    We used to get a really busy Oct, Nov and Dec, now with this huge FAKE sale it just makes people hold off…

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