UK consumers turning their backs on businesses with bad tech

By Paul Skeldon July 2, 2018 - 6:11 am

New research among more than 2000 UK adults reveals just how important good online and mobile technologies are to business success – 59% of UK adults said they will leave a business’ website within just 30 seconds if it is ugly or hard to navigate and uses ‘bad tech’.

Worse, 24% of consumers also said that in the past five years they have switched loyalty from one company to a competitor whose technology delivers a better customer experience.

The study, commissioned by Studio Graphene, finds that 52% of people say they always research a business online before deciding to spend money with them, while 47% stated that a good website or app is key for them to trust a particular brand.

It is clear that companies of all sizes and sectors, from retailers to restaurants, must make sure their digital solutions – namely website and app – look the part and function well. The research shows that 52% of people “always” research a business online before spending money with them, while 47% say that a good website or app is key for them to trust a brand.

It also unwittingly reveals why marketplaces are doing so well: they work. With consumers wanting a technologically excellent experience with brands they trust – and at a price they think is a bargain– it is no surprise that they head to Amazon to buy things.

“It might not shock many business leaders to learn that tech is fundamental to success. However, today’s research provides some really interesting insights into just how small the window is for companies to win over consumers – within half a minute a potential customer will make their mind up about whether or not to spend money with a business, so digital solutions must both look great but also be informative, responsive and easy-to-use. There is no right or wrong way to build a website or an app; it will all depend on the business and its clients. But one thing is clear: any company that does not prioritise its tech risks losing out to competitors that offer a slicker online or mobile experience to customers.”

– Ritam Gandhi, founder and director, Studio Graphene

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