Stripe Issuing allows businesses to create their own credit and debit cards

By Dan Wilson July 29, 2018 - 6:55 pm

The payments company Stripe has revealed a new product. The invitation only feature means that businesses can now create and issue their own credit and debit cards.

It’s billed specifically as Stripe Issuing and they describe it as an end-to-end platform for quickly creating, distributing, and managing physical and virtual cards. It’s infrastructure enables you to do things like create employee expense cards with dynamic spending limits, generate virtual cards so marketplace couriers can pay with their phones at specific merchants, or run the entire card stack for a new digital bank. We wonder if there is an application for a marketplaces operation.

Stripe Issuing is certified directly with all major card networks as an issuing processor, which ensures reliability and rapid feature releases. It includes support for Apple Pay and Google Pay, allows programmatic dispute handling, and provides real-time authorization hooks. And Stripe Issuing is built on the core Stripe platform that processes billions of dollars of payments annually, so it integrates with the full suite of Stripe products to seamlessly handle workflows for verifications, balances, and account funding.
– Stripe

To find out more and check out the landing page and request an invitation. There are also help pages that explain kore about the service and exactly how it works on that page.

Looking at the page, it’s clear that you will need some technological know-how and the ability to plug into the API. (You can find the full spec requirements at the above link) But once you’re are accredited, there appears to be huge flexibility on not just the designs you can offer for cards (if that’s a priority?) and also the services you can provide users. Cards cam be either MasterCard or Visa and are good to go immediately in online wallets once you have got them all set up.

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