Replay: Scaling your business Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass

By Chris Dawson July 6, 2018 - 12:09 pm

If you missed this week’s Scaling your business Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass webinar, then it’s now available to watch and as there is a ton of useful information on how to accelerate your Amazon business it’s well worth listening in to.

Our guest speaker, Bernie Thompson is an expert in selling on Amazon – not only does he run his own private label business but is also the founder of Efficient Era, a company that specialises in assisting merchants with Amazon Sponsored Products.

In the Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass, Bernie walks through the entire process from figuring out how to set your budgets, what to expect when you start advertising with Amazon Sponsored Products and, if you already use them, tactics to do much better than you have done in the past. There are a ton of advanced techniques to make your products stand out from the other 2,000,000 sellers you’re competing with, not to mention Amazon themselves.

There were a ton of questions from retailers who dialled in to the webinar, so listen to the end to find the answers as they could well be questions that you want answers to as well.

Scaling your business Amazon Sponsored Products Masterclass

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