How Mamas & Papas nipped online cart abandonment in the bud

By Chris Dawson July 20, 2018 - 3:43 pm

Shoppers are abandoning online purchases at record rates according to Barclays, now an £18 billion problem for retailers. The Office of National Statistics has warned of uncertainty around the UK retail sector, with increasing pressure for retailers to improve their checkout and delivery processes to reduce customer drop off.

Innovative UK businesses such as Mamas & Papas are committed to using technology to improve customer fulfilment services and have taken action to have looked to the enterprise carrier management (ECM) sector. The aim being to bring together the combination of technology tools and delivery services to transform the customer delivery experience – the brand chose to partner with Global Freight Solutions (GFS), who founded ECM.

Mamas & Papas has even devised its own Warehouse Management System (WMS) that uses voice picking technology to improve efficiency, speed-to-market and accuracy, Mamas & Papas needed a partner that could work with these improvements, rather than undoing their hard work. As a result, Mamas & Papas has integrated a simple plug-in with a powerful rules-based engine, which enables retailers to seamlessly offer customers a broad array of delivery options. The software allows customers to choose delivery dates and times that work around their busy daily schedules to boost conversions at the point of checkout.

Since implementing the technology (GFS Checkout) Mamas & Papas has seen cart abandonment rates dramatically reduce and dispatch speeds from the warehouse increase by 15%. In such an increasingly volatile retail landscape, retailers cannot afford to ignore the importance of giving customers maximum choice and convenience when it comes to delivery.

“We’ve got the tools that support delivery services and pricing. That means we’re currently offering customers the widest choice of delivery options at checkout. And we can quickly add, remove or change them as we need. We’ve seen cart abandonment rates dramatically reduced and customer satisfaction scores increase.”
– Richard Spychalski, Group Operations Director, Mamas & Papas

It’s crucial for retailers to offer options at point of sale beyond just fast and free – can be a competitive differentiator as well as a lever for increasing basket conversion and have customers wanting to come back and buy more. To enable this, retailers must be able to bring together the combination of technology and breadth of delivery services at a price which makes commercial sense in order to address consumer expectations and demands for convenience and choice.

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