Hermes Germany and Amazon Logistics buy Battery-electric eVito vans

By Chris Dawson July 4, 2018 - 12:28 am

Hermes and Amazon Logistics have bought into Mercedes-Benz Vans Battery-electric eVito vans in joint pilot projects.

The eVito is efficient, economical, flexible and reliable at all times say Mercedes-Benz Vans keen to prove that electrified models are competitive and, depending on use case, able to hold their own in terms of cost against classic internal combustion engines. They go on to say that their is not longer a worry about whether battery-electric work, just that the correct powertrain – electric or combustion, should be selected based on the particular usage the vehicle is to perform.

“A zero-local-emissions fleet that still meets all expectations in terms of everyday usability, flexibility, reliability and economy – the eVito dispels these apparent contradictions. We are at the forefront of this development, will use the momentum, follow up with the eSprinter and, in the medium term, offer battery-electric drive across the entire van line-up. We want the selection of a specific powertrain variant to be determined by the respective use case and not by the availability of the suitable vehicle class”
– Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans

Hermes (as in myHermes, the couriers, not the fashion chain) is putting 1500 Mercedes-Benz electric vans into service. The integration of an efficient charging infrastructure as well as intelligent, software-controlled load management are also part of the pilot project.

By the end of the year, Amazon Logistics will have 100 eVitos in its fleet at its Bochum and Düsseldorf locations. Furthermore, Amazon and Mercedes-Benz Vans are working with other partners on a wide-ranging operator concept for the Bochum facility (sounds like non-Amazon self-employed third party couriers being supplied vans by Amazon). Alongside the charging infra­structure, this covers parking space management and the automated capture of vehicle status.

With cities across the UK and around the world introducing ever stricter emissions controls and congestion charges, couriers will be forced to consider alternatives to diesel and petrol vans. myHermes and Amazon are two of the largest courier companies in the UK and Europe, so it’s no surprise to see them at the cutting edge of zero emissions vehicle technology with their pilots of the Battery-electric eVito vans.

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