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By Chris Dawson June 11, 2018 - 10:00 am

There has never been a better time to sell Internationally. The obvious benefits as discussed in Tamebay’s International Selling Position Paper are A bigger customer base, better margins, beating seasonality, and a competitive edge, especially in countries under served directly by ecommerce. Today we look at how wnDirect can assist with International Selling.

Selling is not enough however, there are four key considerations that you’ll need to succeed internationally – Product, Platform, Finance and Delivery.

You’ll need to have a product attractive in the foreign market and testing the water with trial sales makes sense before fully launching operations to target a geographical area. That’s where marketplace platforms a can often assist enabling you to test sales potential before investing in a localised website. Financial arrangements are key to ensure that you can get paid in the currency and using the payment vehicles consumers in your target country prefer but there are many providers who can assist with this today and often marketplaces will already have solutions in place. That just leaves delivery.

How do you get your products delivered to the far flung corners of the world and what about returns? Setting up your own arrangements can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. It’s not as simple as choosing a courier as some will excel in certain countries while others perform better in others. There’s also customs documentation and tracking to consider.

That’s where wnDirect can assist with their logistics solutions designed to work with the needs of your business – wnDirect can help you grow your International Selling and deliver parcels to over 200 countries, find out more in their latest video:

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