Prepare to hold your own sales event on Amazon Prime Day 2018

By Chris Dawson June 11, 2018 - 2:45 pm

By our reckoning there’s exactly a month to go to Amazon Prime Day 2018 – Amazon‘s manufactured summer sales event that in recent years has spread off the marketplace as retailers such as Argos have held their own separately branded sales events to cash in.

We’ve already predicted that Prime Day will be on the 10th or 11th of July 2018 with sales kicking off on Monday the 9th of July. Having extended the sales period to 30 hours in 2017 we’d expect at least the same in 2018 only uncertainty is whether Amazon will attempt to stretch the period over an even greater time period.

Amazon Prime Day saw more sales in 2017 then in the previous Black Friday period so this is a sales event that shouldn’t be ignored as it’s an opportunity to boost turnover just as the School summer holidays start.

If you are an Amazon merchant or vendor who will be taking part in Amazon Prime Day 2018, you’ll already have submitted your offers for approval. If you’re not officially taking part however it doesn’t mean that you can’t ride on the coat tails of Prime Day in a similar manner to Argos in previous years.

On Amazon sites you can use strike through pricing, but don’t limit yourself to the marketplace. With a month to go there is plenty of time to arrange stock, pricing and marketing for your own website. Assuming GDPR preparations haven’t decimated your mailing list, get your plans in place and as soon as Amazon Prime Day starts, fire your own sales event marketing off to your customers. It’s likely that many of your customers will also be Amazon customers and if they’re incentivised to spend on Amazon then there’s no reason that some of that urge to spend can’t be diverted to your own website and you have a month to prepare.

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