Postnord Logistics – Logistics is Boring

By Chris Dawson June 11, 2018 - 10:36 am

Logistics isn’t the the most interesting part of ecommerce, essential as it is logistics is just the business of moving packets and boxes from A to B, generally from the retailer to the consumer.

Most couriers offer very similar services and often their proposition to the customer isn’t clear. Yes they’ll offer economy, 24 hour or even same day services, but what sets one carrier apart from another and how do you grab the attention of your customer?

Postnord Logistics operates in the Nordic countries and Germany but they have a unique take on getting noticed and setting themselves apart. In a 2014 campaign they commissioned a series of six videos designed to set themselves apart from the crowd of which perhaps the most interesting is their ‘Logistics is Boring’ clip.

Often retailers will focus on which carrier has the best (normally lowest) price but and are then left frustrated if they discover additional cost such as fuel surcharges and redelivery fees or service issues such as missing tracking information or late deliveries. A courier proposition should be much more than just a delivery speed and price based on expected volumes. Here’s how Postnord decided to set themselves apart and grab attention:

Logistics is Boring

  • james
    4 months ago

    reminded me of a Yodel driver, right up to the point where he didn’t crash and ruin all the contents.

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