limango opens marketplace for retailers across Germany and Austria

By Paul Skeldon June 27, 2018 - 7:31 am

Following great success with its app, Europe’s leading family-owned private shopping community is now rolling out the limango marketplace on as well.

Already, the shopping platform includes almost 10,000 products from around 60 partners, which optimally complement the limango range with a clear focus on families.

The curated limango marketplace offers manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to showcase their latest collections in an exclusive environment without incurring additional fixed costs.

Working in partnership with manufacturers and dealers, limango handles all customer communication and payment management and will remain the sole contact for end-users in the future.

For limango customers, the marketplace also claims to offer a “completely new shopping experience with an extended and permanent range of up-to-date brand goods, short delivery times and inspiring new discoveries”. With more than 2 million customers and a Europe-wide great brand awareness among young families, limango is such an ideal distribution platform.

“As the leading private shopping provider for families with over 18 million members, we achieve unique coverage in Germany and Europe. Our strategic goal is to use the expansion of the marketplace in our webshop and the associated broadening of our offer to open up further revenue and growth potential for the future. And of course always with a clear focus on the needs of our target group: Only when new products meet the needs of mothers and young families and provide them with clear added value do they make it onto the limango marketplace. The success of the marketplace launched in October 2017 in the limango App proves us right: We are already well above expectations. Both limango and the Otto Group are very satisfied with the development. We want to further expand this unrestricted success with our new limango marketplace in the webshop.”

– Martin Oppenrieder, founder and CEO, limango

Image: limango

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