How Amazon user reviews give buyers info on listing accuracy

By Dan Wilson June 3, 2018 - 1:55 pm

The new feature on product pages that uses Amazon user reviews to assess the accuracy of fashion and accessory descriptions is fully live. In particular it focuses on whether size and fit information provided meets buyer expectations and the number of reviews to that extent give buyers an indication of whether this is just a widespread problem or just a grumble comment from a whingy shopper.

As a utility this is potentially very useful when making buying decisions. For sellers it offers an opportunity to review descriptions, especially in the private label sphere where you have control of the listings. The screengrabs below show the feature in the wild.

Here is an example of where shoppers say that the sizes aren’t what shoppers expected:

And this one shows what it looks like when reviews lean towards an as expected and presumably industry standard sizing:

Amazon user reviews

This is a good Amazon feature providing information in a transparent way whilst not being directive. It’s up to shoppers to assess the information and act independently. That said, if sizing problems are coming back as the biggest bit of feedback, it certainly does make a shopper wary

All user reviews need to be taken with appropriate caution. But sometimes the conclusions are so obvious that they are invaluable. In this case the aggregation of reviews give the feature genuine utility.

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