Enter the eBay Doers SME startups project with Guardian Labs

By Chris Dawson June 12, 2018 - 1:35 pm

eBay and the Guardian Labs have launched new initiative to help fledgling entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses: the eBay Doers scheme. They are looking for 15 individuals or a team of two – either with an exciting new idea, or one already in development – with tons of passion, a fantastic product to sell and a great reason they think they should receive some help to launch and grow their business.

Chosen entrepreneurs – the eBay Doers – will receive 10 weeks of mentorship from a leading industry expert, providing bespoke business advice and insight. They will also receive £500 PayPal credit to help build their business, a photoshoot of their product (worth more than £300), and additional support and promotion on eBay worth over £200.

This is for startups, so if you’ve already launched your business you will currently have less than £20,000 net profit per year. You’ll be selling new or handmade products (not second hand) and may or may not already be selling on eBay.

The 10 week eBay Doers programme

A 10-week mentorship programme, which includes:

  • A specially selected mentor – an industry expert whose skills and experience are particularly relevant to your business – to guide and advise you.
  • Weekly check-ins with your mentor.
  • A kick-off event at the Guardian offices with a one-to-one with your new mentor, guest business speakers and workshopping, and expert feedback on your business idea.

eBay Doers incentives and support

  • £500 of PayPal credit to help you build your business, plus the following:
  • A photoshoot of your product(s).
  • A six-month ebay shop subscription.
  • Promotional support on the eBay platform.
  • eBay premium customer service support, seven days a week.
  • Be featured in an article in Guardian Weekend Magazine and on the Guardian website.

How to apply to become an eBay Doer

Check the terms and conditions and then fill out the registration form on the Guardian website.

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