eBay Delivery powered by Shutl adds bulk print and adult signatures

By Chris Dawson June 26, 2018 - 3:07 pm

If you use eBay to print postage labels then you’ll be pleased to know that eBay Delivery powered by Shutl has launched bulk label printing. A second useful addition is the ability to specify adult signatures on delivery. This is useful if you’re selling age restricted products and want to ensure that they don’t fall into the hands of a minor or if there are legal restrictions for the items you sell.

eBay Delivery powered by Shutl launches bulk label printing

eBay sellers who buy their shipping services via eBay Delivery powered by Shutl will now be able to benefit from new services on the platform.

Sellers who send higher volume items can now print their shipping labels in bulk, saving time and money on multiple order processing.

Bulk label printing allows eBay sellers to:

  • Print multiple labels at a time in their preferred format
  • Print multiple labels on the same sheet, increasing efficiency and lowering printing cost
  • Work through their sold items more quickly, by viewing multiple order details at once

To access bulk printing on eBay Delivery, eBay sellers can simply go to ‘My eBay’ >> ‘Sold Items’, and click on the bulk label printing link at the top of the page – this will take an eBay seller to the bulk label flow.

eBay sellers will not need to sign up for the bulk label service and they can switch back to the single label flow at any time.

New Adult Signatures Service

Customers using select 1-day services via eBay Delivery powered by Shutl can now obtain a verified adult signature on delivery. The service costs just £1.99 including VAT per parcel regardless of size or weight, and can be added during the delivery label check-out flow when purchasing select 1-day services on the eBay Delivery platform on select 1-day services via eBay Delivery with UPS.

eBay intends to allow its sellers of age restricted items to gain secure signature delivery, including proof of age (where required). If the recipient looks under 18 years of age, they will be asked to provide proof of age before the item will be handed over.

To add Adult Signature Service to your eBay Delivery parcels, just select ‘Adult Verification’ within the delivery label purchase flow after you have sold your item or in the Sold Items view in ‘My eBay’.

  • NorthCrystal
    2 years ago

    I used to use ebay’s label system for a while but then switched to RM C&D as it’s more efficient (e.g. including bulk labels).

    Thing is C&D started to have hiccups few weeks ago and 70% of time it’s a nightmare as it takes ages to load transactions or generate labels. Also I phoned their support team few times already as payments went trough PayPal but not in their system so I was charged twice…..

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