eBay has launched a Bullion Buyback service

By Dan Wilson June 7, 2018 - 8:09 pm

eBay has launched a Bullion Buyback service. They say that they and their partner can help you achieve the best price when selling collections of precious metals. You can find out more about the offering on this page. Currently it is only available in the USA.

eBay has teamed up with APMEX, one of the world’s largest online precious metals retailers, to launch the eBay Bullion Buyback Program. This partnership provides eBay customers with a new and seamless option to turn their physical bullion investments – such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium – back into dollars.

Together with APMEX, eBay offers a convenient way to buy and sell bullion from a source they already know and trust at competitive prices. As part of the hands-on, white glove experience it provides to customers, APMEX will provide a competitive quote for items based on the spot price of the precious metal. Once the seller accepts the offer, APMEX will authenticate the bullion, pay out the seller, and finally, relist these items on eBay.

It’s obviously a niche service that may appeal to some but it does beg some questions. Why don’t sellers just list their own bullion on eBay? Or simply go to APMEX directly and cut out the middle-man? It would be pretty galling to find your previously sold precious item for sale on eBay and discover it was realising a drastically higher price than you received for it.

  • northumbrian
    9 months ago

    gold bullion has a set price why pay ebay 10% for being the middle man
    just sell to one of the many upfront and honest bullion dealers who show their buy price upfront

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