Amazon Business Italy and Spain launched today

By Chris Dawson June 27, 2018 - 10:00 am

Amazon today announced the launch of Amazon Business Italy and Spain , meaning that British businesses can manage their procurement needs across Europe more effectively by accessing a range of business-tailored features designed to save time, money, and increase productivity.

More importantly for merchants, it’s two more countries where they can specifically target business customers if they sell on Amazon’s Italian and Spanish marketplaces, but offering their products in the manner businesses prefer to procure with VAT-exclusive pricing, multi-user accounts and Amazon Business analytics. The whole point of Amazon Business is that it enables businesses to streamline their buying and at the same time gain more visibility into how their organisations are spending.

The real attraction of Amazon Business to merchants is that it’s free to participate in, you just have to sign up to make your products available to buy. It also gives assess to corporate buyers who may never purchase from SMEs, let alone micro-businesses, as they’ll have an approved list of suppliers. If Amazon Business is on a company’s supplier list then so are you if your products are available through Amazon Business. Half of all units sold on Amazon Business are from independent, third party sellers, with tens of thousands in the UK having accessed the Amazon Business Seller feature set.

Amazon Business Selling Tip

Sellers who have adopted the feature “VAT Calculation Service” increased their B2B sales on Amazon Business on average by more than 50% within the first month.

Amazon Business continues to expand globally and is now available on,,,,,, and Companies of all sizes with establishments in those countries now have the opportunity to purchase business supplies in their local language and receive local delivery.

“The launch of Amazon Business on and enables multi-national businesses with entities in Europe to continue to streamline their purchasing, whilst also providing new exporting opportunities for smaller UK businesses who sell on the Amazon Business marketplace”
– Bill Burkland, Head of Amazon Business,

Amazon Business provides easy access to more than 250 million products that any business can use – everything, from laptops, and office supplies, to industrial safety and janitorial supplies – with a set of unique features tailored for business customers.

One year after launching in the UK, Amazon Business served more than 100,000 business customers – from sole traders and small businesses to large multi-national organisations and FTSE 100 companies, as well as institutional buyers like universities, hospitals and non-profits.

  • Kevin
    3 years ago

    Amazon business is not talked about much by analysts that fol!ow Amazon, but they should because the b2b market is 4 times larger than the b2c market along with a higher profit margin. In America the online b2b market is estimated to be worth 1.2 trillion dollars by 2021 which is enormous. If Amazon does to b2b what it has done to b2c and capture %40 of the market then that would equate to a dollar value transactions of over $400 billion per year.

    Amazon made a mistake in Europe by not having dedicated websites in local languages for countries such as Poland, Czech Republic etc for its b2c deciding instead to link them to its German Amazon website. For Amazon to successfully expand its b2b business in Europe then Amazon will have to create individual dedicated websites in Poland, Czech Republic along with other nations that will be in local language.

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