1st BigCommerce European office to open in London

By Chris Dawson June 14, 2018 - 9:50 am

BigCommerce announced at London Tech Week 2018 that they will open the first BigCommerce European office in the heart of London during the third quarter of this year. BigCommerce has natural synergies with the UK are they are an Australian founded business, a country closely allied to the UK in history and culture.

The office, which will house business development, sales, marketing and customer support personnel, is expected to grow to 20 employees within the next 12 months. With the opening, BigCommerce will now have global offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

“We serve a growing, international community of retailers, and we want to provide the best possible service to all of our customers. Establishing a presence in Europe has long been an aspiration of ours, and this London office will allow us to deliver more tailored programs and service to our customers and partners across Europe.”
– Brent Bellm, CEO, BigCommerce

London Tech Week is increasingly important this week, as the House of Commons and House of Lords squabble over the Brexit Bill. Reassuring companies that London is open for business and an ideal location for companies looking to expand in Europe has never been so important. It’s great to see BigCommerce opt for the UK as their new European base and emphasises the importance of UK and European clients to their business.

Work for BigCommerce in London

Prospective employees interested in working at the BigCommerce European office in London should visit the BigCommerce recruitment website. Positions are already open for a Channel Manager, Account Exec and Sales Exec.

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