What is a WISMO? #parcelhub

By Dan Wilson May 17, 2018 - 10:17 am

Do you spend much of your time tracking parcels and packets on behalf of your shoppers? They might be late or lost or it might be just that your buyer doesn’t understand that they quite simply won’t have arrived yet. They haven’t paid for next day, and even if they have, next day doesn’t mean next day when someone buys goods at 3pm. We’re talking about a WISMO.

WISMO = Where Is My Order?

Answering any email and dealing with a customer enquiry, represents a cost. They take time to deal with and time is money. But if you aren’t dealing with incoming messages in a timely matter then you could fall foul of marketplace rulings that judge you on the swift responses to customer queries. Amazon expects a twenty four hour response rate come hell or high water. And yes, even at weekends.

The pressure is on when it comes to merchant performance on a day to day basis: and shoppers are becoming more demanding. You can make it easier on yourself by providing tracked shipping services that mean shoppers know there their purchases are. And you can also choose a service that give very small delivery windows, redelivery options, drop at neighbours services and ease of recollection at a depot. But very often such services come at an extra cost. But do you know the extent to which customer demands are costing you money?

A WISMO is important but there are more KPIs to measure.

That’s the exact point of this new Tamebay eBook we’ve published. We encourage you to measure and learn more about your shipping performance by measuring your KPIs. You exist in an ecommerce world where the demands get ever more great and expectations are much higher than ever before.

The free ebook is delivered to you in association with Parcelhub and can be downloaded here. Tell us what you think. Have we missed out a crucial KPI?

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